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Welcome To My Youko Kurama site!
Hello and Welcome to my site to Youko Kurama (also known as Shuuichi Minamino in his human form), Kurama looks so pretty that he looks almost like a girl in his human form, but yes, he is a boy. There was a very funny part in one of the anime episodes where he was waiting at a densha station with Kuwabara and some girls walked over and asked Kuwabara if Kurama was his girlfriend. Now Thats A scary thought!
Translations on the Japanese
"kawaii" = "cute"; "densha" = Japanese electric car/train;
for more go to the Learn Japanese page!

Yu Yu Hakusho
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Kurama Forever!
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shhhh...he's sleeping^.^
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Reason for the lack of updates!

Due to personal problems such as moving I havn't updated and wont be able to update much for about two or three more months. I'm very sorry to those who check back for updates and I promise as soon as I'm fully moved and have internet I'll update like crazy!

(I should tell you now I'm not as normal as most girls so beware some of the site might scary you a little well at least my coments might a little.^_^;)


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